The final result of a good restoration depends on the knowledge and experience of the workmen, but above all on the materials used.
The more the materials are authentic the more the finished work will breathe the things of time past and give the impression, not of restoration, but of something that has always existed.
Using materials from demolished edifices or from those in a state of ruin gives that sense of history and "lived in" which belong to the antique and authentic.
Antique arches, portals and columns in stone, doors and fireplaces can, of course, also be included in todays's architecture, resulting in the marriage between antique/modern.
La Casa Antica offers you a choice of building materials and objects for interior design, all antique and the result of a rigorous selection, unique in the world for quantity and quality.
Feel free to contact us not only for prices but also for expert advice and information.
It is clear that only a part of all the materials that exist in our wharehouses have been included in our website.
Naturally we would be very happy to welcome you if you decide to visit us to see, first hand, the things that interest you.
It would be also our pleasure to accompany you to see various on-site restorations.

The knowledge of antique and recuperated materials, developed during the last 40 years and 20 years of commercial experience are our stongest guarantees.